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Town of Mount Morris
Assessor's Office

103 Main Street
Mt. Morris, New York 14510

Assessor:  Brian Knapp
Assessor’s Clerk:  Stephanie Knapp

Phone: 585-658-9820 (office)
585-489-6137 (cell)

Office hours: Tuesdays 10am – 2pm and 6pm – 9pm
(May be out of office 2nd Tuesday evening of each month for Board meetings – call for appointment)

Frequently Asked Questions
Taxable Status?
Grievance Day?
Making and Updating Assessments?
Change of Address?
Taxable Status:

Taxable Status is determined by the value of the property minus any exemptions.  All exemptions must be filed with the Assessor by the taxable status date of March 1st.

Exemptions that can be filed through the Office of the Town Assessor include:
Low Income Senior Citizen
Low-Income Disability
STAR Basic/Enhanced
Agricultural Buildings
Agricultural Assessment**
Business Investment Property
Non-Profit Organization
*Veteran status is determined by Veteran’s Affairs in Mt. Morris.  Call 585-243-7960 to apply for the veteran’s exemption.  Submit your completed application to the assessor’s office.
**Agricultural assessments generally require a soil workup sheet from the Department of Soil and Water Conservation Office in Geneseo. Call 585-243-0043.
Exemptions determine your taxable status, and must be filed by March 1st.
Grievance Day?
A tentative assessment roll is filed on May 1 of each year in the Town Clerk’s Office, based on any new construction to any property you claim ownership of. A final assessment roll is filed in the same office on July 1.
Grievance Day, held on the fourth (4th) Tuesday in May from 5pm to 9pm at the Mt. Morris Town Hall, is a forum for disputing the tentative assessment roll before the final assessment roll is filed.
Grievance forms may be obtained from the Town Assessor’s Office and must be filed by the close of Grievance Day.
Making and Updating Assessments?
Any addition to any property you claim ownership of is considered new construction. Common forms of new construction include: homes, porches, garages, barns, in-ground pools, etc.
New construction is valued as of the taxable status date in the year construction begins.
Market updates (or Revaluations) occur every four (4) years. The next update will occur on the 2018 assessment roll.
Change of Address?
The Town Assessor’s Office must be notified if you undergo a change of address. Please contact our office at 585-658-9820.
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