Discover Black Ops 6 on Game Pass: A New Frontier for Players and Developers Alike

Greg Burn


Discover Black Ops 6 on Game Pass: A New Frontier for Players and Developers Alike Only a short while ago, it became official: Black Ops 6 would be part of the Game Pass offerings. Just before the Xbox Games Showcase event, Sarah Bond, who leads Xbox, revealed that Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 would be available through the Game Pass subscription, a decision that didn't come without significant financial considerations for Microsoft. The rumor mill was bustling with speculation in the lead-up to this announcement. Some suggested it might require a pricier Game Pass tier or that subscription rates would skyrocket as a result. While none of these scenarios materialized, it doesn't necessarily invalidate the circulating rumors, indicating that the discourse surrounding the inclusion of Black Ops 6 in Game Pass was quite prolonged. When Yale Miller, the game's production lead, was interviewed by Game File, he remarked on the timing of the decision, noting, "It wasn't all that long ago, to be honest." This comment suggests considerable indecision and discussion within Microsoft before finally concluding to add one of the year's most anticipated games to their esteemed subscription service. Yet, this decision has been warmly welcomed by Miller, who anticipates a surge in the player base, as echoed by Treyarch’s anticipation of welcoming newcomers: "The exciting aspect for us," Miller mentioned, referring to a statement by Matt Scronce, the associate design director, "is the potential for a broader audience to engage with the game. It prompted us to revisit certain aspects, especially concerning newbie onboarding, a process we've kept in mind from the start." Such developments mean Treyarch is gearing up for an influx of gamers possibly unfamiliar with their title, challenging the assumption that their audience knows the ins and outs of Black Ops. Miller further explained the significance of Game Pass for them, highlighting a pivot in approach: "We often presume a familiarity with Call of Duty among our players. 'They'll understand it because they've been here before.' But now, we're compelled to reconsider some of these presumptions." Are you excited about diving into Black Ops 6 through your Game Pass subscription?