Microsoft Introduces Innovative Audio Control Feature in Windows 11 Preview Build

Greg Burn


Microsoft Introduces Innovative Audio Control Feature in Windows 11 Preview Build Microsoft is set to revolutionize how users control audio on their devices with a new experimental feature included in the recently released Windows 11 Preview Build. Volume Mixer will allow users to adjust the volume of multiple apps from Quick Settings, bringing unprecedented levels of control over the sound. This advancement has been compared to popular software like Discord and EarTrumpet due to their similar capabilities.  Volume Mixer is currently available in Preview Build 25281 from the Dev Channel on the Windows 11 Insider Program. Users can easily adjust volume levels for different audio sources with this tool; for example, one could keep Skype loud while quieting music playing on Spotify and having WhatsApp somewhere in between for notifications - something that cannot be done with traditional Windows settings. It is also possible to mute certain apps or prioritize some over others, giving users even more control over their audio experience than what was previously available through third-party solutions like EarTrumpet.  The feature also includes an equalizer which gives users the ability to customize sound output according to their own preferences, further enhancing the user experience when listening to music or gaming online. Additionally, there are options available such as “auto-detect,” where everything connected automatically adjusts itself based on specific criteria chosen by each user – perfect for those who want quick access without having too much complexity involved.   With Volume Mixer being included in Window preview builds, it looks like Microsoft is heading toward making audio management easier and more accessible than ever before! As it becomes a part of official releases down the line, this feature might just become one of many new tools allowing people to take full advantage of what modern technology has offered us today!