Genshin Impact Chart: Choose the Best Free 4-Star Character During the Lantern Rite Festival

Greg Burn


Genshin Impact Chart: Choose the Best Free 4-Star Character During the Lantern Rite Festival

Genshin Impact players are able to enjoy an impressive selection of characters during the annual Lantern Rite Festival. As part of this event, players can choose one free four-star character from a select group. To make it easier for gamers to decide which character they should pick, a fan-made Genshin Impact chart has been created. 

This chart takes into consideration each character’s overall strength and their usefulness in the game. It also evaluates how well each character fits with other members of your party, as well as their individual playstyles and preferences. The chart provides detailed information on every single four-star character available in the game so that you can make an informed decision about who to bring to your party during this special event. 

Of course, there are more than just four-star characters available in Genshin Impact - there are five stars too! However, these powerful characters come at a much higher cost than those featured on the fan-made Genshin Impact chart, which is why they’re not included here; picking up one of these five-star heroes requires significant financial investment or luck when it comes to gacha pulls. 

So what exactly makes some characters better suited than others? Ultimately it boils down to how well they synergize with your current team composition and playstyle preference. For example, if you prefer having long-range attackers, then Diluc might be preferable over Razor despite being equally strong statistically speaking due to his ranged fire attacks versus Razor's close combat style. Other things like elemental affinities should also be taken into account when making your decision as certain elements have advantages against others in battle scenarios within Genshin Impact itself, such as wind defeating earth enemies but being weak against water ones, for example.

When deciding which free four-star hero you want from among those featured on the fan-made Genshi impact chart, consider various factors such as overall strength and utility within gameplay but also personal preference when selecting who will accompany you on your journey through Teyvat!