Guide to Constructing Outposts in Starfield

Greg Burn


Guide to Constructing Outposts in Starfield Creating a foothold in the vast universe of Starfield is not just thrilling but also strategically vital for resource acquisition and trade. Outposts are central to this endeavor, serving multiple roles, such as resource collection centers, trade hubs, research facilities, and personalized living spaces. Let's dive into the essentials of how to initiate and develop these versatile structures. Setting Up Your First Stellar Base Initiating an outpost is straightforward. Upon landing on a chosen planet, activate your scanner and prompt the outpost establishment process—marked as X on an Xbox controller. This action places an Outpost Beacon that marks the beginning of your base. You're afforded the flexibility to name your outpost and shift to construction mode from the same prompt. Remarkably, the game's forgiving design means undoing your progress and refunding the invested resources. Constructing Your Cosmic Homestead: Tips and Considerations Premeditated placement of your outpost is crucial. Seek out a spacious, relatively level ground clear of obstructive natural formations such as boulders or immense vegetation. Paying attention to terrain that hosts multiple extractable resources can provide a recurring supply that bolsters your outpost's growth. Resource Management and Construction Essentials Accumulation of elemental metals like Iron, Aluminum, and Copper form the backbone of outpost expansion. Stocking up on these materials—or setting up on resource-rich planets—ensures a steady stream for ongoing and future constructions. A successful outpost demands sufficient power. The aggregate power must surpass the power required to ensure the uninterrupted operation of machinery and defenses. The good news is that power sources need not connect via physical cables; proximity suffices for functionality. Prioritization and Expansion Strategies Initially, prioritize the functional over the aesthetic; focus on fundamental resource extraction infrastructure first. Consider linking storage units to streamline extraction processes. To enhance productivity, incorporate sleeping quarters to expedite time. The Human Element Recruiting and stationing crew members can lead to autonomous outpost management. This requires the construction of a dedicated crew station—a small investment for a potentially significant return in operational efficiency. Expanding Your Outpost Network Starfield generously allows the construction of up to eight outposts to begin with. This limit can be pushed to 24 with the Planetary Habitation skill—a boon for those with a passion for widespread colonization. Special Considerations for Hostile Planets Harsh planetary conditions require additional preparations. The Planetary Habitation skill is imperative for establishing outposts in these extreme environments, which—while infrequent—pose unique challenges and opportunities. Core Installations for Functional Outposts - Resource Extractors: These are fundamental to your outpost's success, providing a constant supply of necessary materials. Prioritize setting several up early on. - Solar Arrays: Economical and compact, these energy sources are ideal for providing plenty of power without requiring much space—perfect for starting small. - Storage Units: Having a centralized location to house your extracted resources simplifies management and maintains organization within your outpost. - Workbenches: Essential for crafting and research activities, workbenches come in six types. The Industrial workbench is particularly valuable for creating industrial components, although a fabricator can serve this purpose as well. - Inter-System Cargo Link: Implement these to shuttle resources between your outposts situated in different star systems. - Crew Stations: These allow you to assign crew to maintain and run the outpost. Initially, you can have three, but you can expand this with the right skills. - Landing Pad with Shipbuilder: Practical for docking your ship directly at the outpost and crucial for ship modifications or expanding your fleet. It pays to know about the best vessels available for this feature. Skills to Sharpen for Outpost Mastery Certain skills in Starfield play a key role in enhancing your outposts. - Outpost Management (Social): This skill is crucial for the addition of extra cargo links and, at advanced levels, for boosting your crew limit, adding more automatons, and improving resource extraction efficiency. - Outpost Engineering (Science): With this skill, you can construct superior outpost modules and initiate research for novel designs. Mastery means half the material costs for module construction and access to advanced and high-tech modules. - Planetary Habitation (Science): Vital for establishing bases on planets with extreme climates such as Deep Freeze or Inferno. This skill also increases your maximum number of outposts from 12 to an astounding 24 as you advance. Further skill progression enables outpost construction on planets with challenging environmental attributes such as high pressure, toxicity, and extreme gravity. - Special Projects (Science): This skill allows for the investigation of groundbreaking projects in research labs. It also improves the production of rare materials at industrial workbenches, potentially aiding in outpost construction while occasionally boosting the yield from extractors. Embarking on the construction of outposts in Starfield is a rewarding process that complements the broad spectrum of in-game activities. With these guidelines, you're well-equipped to build not just a base but a thriving extension of your interstellar endeavors.