Unlocking the Secrets of Procedural Wrecks in The Planet Crafter

Greg Burn


Unlocking the Secrets of Procedural Wrecks in The Planet Crafter Before diving into the exciting world of procedural wrecks, you must first reach a Terraformation Index (GTi) of 250. This milestone is essential as it unlocks the ability to construct a portal generator, your gateway to these distant locations filled with abundant resources. Step 1: Gathering Materials for the Portal Generator Constructing the portal generator is no small feat and requires specific resources: 2 Fusion Energy Cells 2 Energy Multiplier Fuses 2 Circuit Boards 1 Microchip - Compass 2 Super Alloy Rods The most challenging component to acquire might be the Energy Multiplier Fuse, often necessitating purchases from the Space Trader for 6,000 Terra Tokens each. Considering these costs, saving tokens in advance or engaging in strategic trading can significantly aid your endeavor. Step 2: Activating the Portal Generator Upon successful assembly of the portal generator, you will gain access to the "Long Range Wrecks Detector" interface. This tool allows you to select from various wrecks to explore, each having its unique ID number, material requirements, Rarity, and Difficulty ratings. Remember, the quality of loot improves with higher rarity, while the ease of navigation is dictated by the difficulty level. Thus, strategizing which wrecks to explore based on these factors can optimize your returns. Step 3: Preparing for Exploration Before embarking on your adventure, ensure you are well-prepared. Health should be at its maximum, and carrying water is a must, as wrecks do not contain consumables. Also, remember that while in procedural wrecks, construction of storage or other facilities is not possible. Therefore, managing inventory space wisely is crucial to maximizing loot collection. Step 4: Navigating Procedural Wrecks Procedural wrecks can be daunting, with their complex layouts and valuable resources hidden behind locked doors requiring Access Cards. These cards can be found in blue crates within the wrecks and are interchangeable among different locations. Familiarizing yourself with the wreck's layout and using strategic navigation tricks, such as the "left-hand rule," will ensure thorough exploration and efficient loot collection. Step 5: Utilizing Flares and Managing Inventory Marking explored pathways with flares can significantly improve navigation efficiency. Assigning different colors to indicate various paths or points of interest can be a game-changer in these mazes. Furthermore, inventory management is crucial due to the limited capacity and inability to construct facilities within procedural wrecks.