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Garten of Banban 4

Since the release of the original game, Garten of Banban has catered to an audience thirsting for spine-chilling explorations into the quiet terror of deserted educational facilities. With the unveiling of "Garten of Banban 4," developed by the Euphoric Brothers and released on August 11, 2023, the series dives deeper into the unsettling narrative that put the franchise on the map. This installment carries players below the surface of the kindergarten that holds secrets darker than ever before. Your mission? To navigate the labyrinthine underbelly of Banban's Kindergarten in search of your missing child.

Euphoric Brothers have upped the ante in this latest entry, promising an experience filled with chilling encounters and perplexing puzzles. Plunging into the forsaken depths, players will need both wits and courage to reach the heart of this eerie institution – and perhaps, understand the cryptic absence of human life. Prepare for a haunting trek through the unknown, where each turn brings new horrors, and the shadows themselves seem to whisper your fate.

The Lurking Depths of Friendships Unmade

A descent into the netherworld of a nursery once bubbling with life and laughter now presents an eerie silence. In the hidden corridors and classrooms of Banban's Kindergarten, players must keep their wits about them. The search for the missing child is fraught with dangers; the darkness teems with creatures waiting to "befriend" you in the most unconventional ways. Gameplay involves navigating through the decrepit lower levels, solving puzzles that tax the mind, and evading the sinister "residents" whose intentions are anything but playful.

The artistic vision shines through the visual and audio experiences of this game. The sound design perfectly captures the unsettling ambiance, with a soundtrack that insidiously burrows into the player's psyche, amplifying every squeak and creak within this desolate canvas of what was once a bastion of learning. Voice acting further embellishes this tapestry of terror with performances that lend an uncomfortably real edge to the characters you meet.

Influences on the game's creation are worn proudly on its sleeves, paying homage to classic horror tales and survival horror games that have left indelible marks in the annals of gaming history. The perceptions evoked carry the weight of psychological dread, crafted carefully to ensure that the legacy of Garten of Banban 4 will linger long after the player has shut down the game.

Despite being a relentless quest for truth amid a monstrous menagerie, not all is perfect in the garden of horror. The gameplay, while innovative, sometimes stumbles on repetitiveness, where certain sections feel like tedious retreads instead of fresh haunts. Occasional technical glitches also pull players out of the immersion this game desperately seeks to maintain.

Immeasurable Depth in the Eyes of Those Who Witness:

In the silence where the vibrant sounds of youthful mirth once thrived, gamers resurface from the shadowy corners of Garten of Banban 4, their sentiments a mosaic of introspection and trepidation. They wander through a narrative that is simultaneously enticing and macabre. Fraught with tension, the eerie emanation of the game's world clings to their consciousness, marking a profound impact that speaks to the game's prowess in ensnaring the player's mental fabric.

The critical reception among those who dare to plunge into the forgotten levels of Banban's Kindergarten often highlights the game's potent storytelling and its capacity to immerse players in an interactive world that bristles with psychological tension. Each step taken in the search for answers is a dance with dread, with users applauding the meticulous design that forces them to confront their deepest fears.


- Engaging storyline that keeps players invested;
- A rich atmosphere intensified by outstanding sound design;
- Visually striking art style that complements the game's theme;
- Complex puzzles that challenge intellectual dexterity;


- Puzzles may sometimes lead to repetitive gameplay sequences;
- Occasional technical issues that break immersion;
- The horror element might be overwhelming for those sensitive to the genre;

Garten of Banban 4 Logo
Author: Euphoric Brothers

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