About Us

At Mount Morris NY, we are an energetic and creative team passionate about games and apps situated in the heart of Mount Morris, New York. The group consists of our innovative founder, Emily Ford, and talented authors, Greg Burn and Samanta Blumberg, who share an unrivaled enthusiasm for all things related to gaming and app trends.

Emily Ford, with an impressive track record in digital media, understood the need for an inclusive platform that didn't just review but also dissected, understood, and appreciated games and apps from their conception to their final versions. The result was Mount Morris NY, a website dedicated to delivering mindful, comprehensive, and engaging material on games and apps.

Greg Burn and Samanta Blumberg are influential authors in the gaming and app industry who bring a wealth of knowledge to the team. Greg, with his frequently uncanny ability to predict the next big thing, has been an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to stay ahead of the curve. His knack for tactful and exciting writing has given our readers a novel perspective on the gaming world. 

On the other hand, with her relentless passion for revealing the intricacies of apps, Samanta takes pride in carving out detailed reviews and how-to guides. Samanta's clear, friendly, approachable writing style offers our audience intuitive reviews, making complex application concepts simple and accessible.

Together, we form a multifaceted team fuelled by a shared aim of presenting the most intriguing gaming and app news, reviews, and in-depth feature articles. Our commitment to delivering high-quality content is reflected in each piece we produce, ensuring our readers stay informed, entertained, and ahead in the constantly evolving world of games and apps.

We cherish our community and strive to make Mount Morris NY, more than just a website but a genuine intersection for interaction, sharing ideas, and learning about the latest trends in games and apps. Our team rallies around the belief that games and apps, beyond mere entertainment, have an influential role in creative expression and social interaction.

Whether you're a professional gamer, a casual player, an app developer, or just interested in the fascinating universe of games and apps—Mount Morris NY is your go-to resource. Our unquenchable thirst for this sphere and commitment to our readers fuels our drive to keep you updated and intrigued.

Welcome to Mount Morris NY - immersing you in the world of games and apps with every article.