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Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor Multiplayer

Welcome to one of the hottest adventure horror games of 2019, Secret Neighbor. It's a spin-off of the popular "Hello Neighbour" game, where you sneak into your neighbor's house, but instead of a traditional monster or ghost, you're confronted by a mysterious figure lurking in the shadows. Developed by tinyBuild and Dynamic Pixels, Secret Neighbour will give gamers an unforgettable experience with exciting puzzles, exciting battles with enemies, and plenty of secrets to uncover. With breathtaking graphics, a spooky soundtrack, and a captivating story, this game is sure to attract gamers from all walks of life.

Unraveling the Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor

In Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor, you play as one of six kids who are trying to break into your creepy neighbor's house together and rescue their missing friend Lucy. While exploring the house, you'll have to solve puzzles while avoiding your neighbor or his guards, who are patrolling the garden outside his house. You can also set traps or distract him with noise while exploring so that he won't catch you snooping around his property. As you progress through each level, new secrets about your neighbor's past are revealed, which help build an ever-growing mystery throughout the game that keeps players engaged until it is solved at the end!

Despite some complaints about delays due to server issues, overall, users gave great reviews of this addictive adventure game, citing its clever puzzles and interesting characters as strengths and why they enjoyed playing it so much! However, some users complained that more levels could have been added or the difficulty settings could have been changed, as they have little incentive to come back after playing the game unless they want to play it again just for fun, without any real reward other than bragging rights to their friends who also played it!

Users agree that Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbour is an enjoyable but challenging adventure/puzzle game with many surprises, even after completing all the levels available in this version! Its creepy atmosphere combined with tense music creates a tense feeling while exploring each area, trying not to get caught by neighbors or their guards, which makes completing each level enjoyable and rewarding!

Overall, Secret Neighbors: Hello Neighbor is a great game filled with tense moments and incredible discoveries waiting around every corner - perfect for those looking for an adventure with friends. Players have praised the stunning graphics, compelling storyline, tense music score, and unpredictable plot twists, making it one of the best games in its genre by reviews on Steam alone! So many exciting experiences in one game - perhaps just what everyone needs in these difficult times.


  • The game has a highly detailed and immersive atmosphere that makes you feel like you're really in the game;
  • The game is designed with a lot of puzzles and secrets that are fun to solve;
  • The game features a wide variety of characters and enemies, making it interesting and exciting to play;
  • The game also has an online multiplayer mode, allowing you to play with your friends;


  • The game can be quite challenging, as some of the puzzles can be difficult to solve;
  • The game may be too dark for some, as it contains some horror elements;
  • The game can be quite repetitive, as you will often have to backtrack to find the solutions to puzzles;
  • The game can be quite slow, as some of the puzzles can take a long time to complete;

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