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Since its original release in 1990, the classic Japanese role-playing game FINAL FANTASY III has been one of the most beloved entries in Square Enix's long-running franchise. This 2006 remake for the Nintendo DS brought new life to a timeless classic, introducing modern gamers to an adventure that had been previously only available as a Japan exclusive or expensive import. Now fans of all ages can rediscover a magical world filled with danger and heroism.

Updated Graphics With Traditional Gameplay

FINAL FANTASY III was ahead of its time when it was first released decades ago, and this remake successfully brings it into modern times with updated graphics that look great on today’s handheld systems. The characters display more detail than ever before while still retaining their traditional designs from past versions. The backgrounds also look sharper than ever before. However, there are some instances where you can see obvious signs of aging in the visuals, such as exaggerated proportions for certain character models and blurry textures on larger objects like buildings or trees.

FINAL FANTASY III takes players on an epic journey through a colorful fantasy world filled with unique characters and creatures. Players will have to traverse dangerous dungeons and mysterious forests in order to progress through the story. Along the way, they'll be aided by powerful summons that can be used in the battle against enemies or bosses. The turn-based combat system allows for strategic battles where players must think ahead if they want to survive tough fights against challenging foes.

The game also offers plenty of customization options for players who want to tailor their gaming experience according to their preferences. From selecting job classes at certain points throughout the game, allowing you to switch up your team’s roles depending on how you want them set up; To buying items from shops or crafting new weapons from materials found during exploration - There are many ways for players to make their playthroughs unique each time they pick up this classic RPG title!

The gameplay remains largely unchanged from previous versions but benefits from updated controls that make navigating dungeons easier than ever before, thanks to intuitive touchscreen commands. Combat is also improved with access to detailed menus for customizing each character’s abilities and equipment which allows players to adjust their strategies based on their enemies' weaknesses. Unfortunately, this version does not feature any online multiplayer options, so players will have no choice but to tackle the game alone without any help from friends over Wi-Fi connections or local wireless playlists like other recent remakes have included.

A Timeless RPG Classic Redefined

Overall, Final Fantasy III continues to be an enjoyable experience regardless if you have played previous installments or not due to its unique story along with challenging battles that require careful planning and strategy in order to succeed against powerful bosses who would otherwise crush your party without warning if you don't pay attention during fights! Fans across all generations seem pleased by what this remake offers despite some dated graphics issues here and there, making it one of Square Enix's most successful rereleases yet!


  • Excellent graphics and sound;
  • A solid combat system;
  • A wide variety of weapons, armor, and items;
  • A memorable story and characters;
  • Many side-quests and mini-games;


  • The difficulty can be frustrating at times;
  • The old-school turn-based battles can be tedious;
  • The game doesn't have any modern features;
Author: Square Enix
Size: 800 MB available space

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