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Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy is an adventure game developed by Eurocom for PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Microsoft Windows platforms. It was released in 2003 in North America and Europe. The game is about a young demigod named Sphinx, who must save his friend from the curse of an evil mummy. Players must explore ancient Egypt, fighting monsters, solving puzzles, and finding magical artifacts that can help them on their journey.

An Epic Journey Through Ancient Egypt

In the game Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, players take control of two different characters, the Sphinx (a demigod) and Tutankhamun (an undead mummy). They must pass through various levels located in five different regions of ancient Egypt, with each region having its own unique enemies, objects, puzzles, traps, etc. Along the way, they will encounter powerful bosses that will require quick reflexes or clever puzzle-solving skills to defeat. There are also several side quests in the game for which players receive additional items or magic spells that can be used against enemies during battles or to advance further through the game.

Players can upgrade their weapons using special gems found in levels. Upgrading a weapon increases its damage, making it easier to defeat stronger enemies encountered later in your Ancient Egypt adventure. While this feature adds some depth to battles, it also makes it easier to get through some areas because you don't need much skill if your weapons are more powerful than the normal ones used by other characters within the game, such as mummies, bugs, etc.

While Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy is a very engaging game overall, it does have some drawbacks. First and foremost are the camera angles, which sometimes make navigation somewhat difficult. The lack of voice acting (other than occasional grunts) detracts from the pleasant atmosphere created in the game's universe. Nevertheless, these shortcomings do not take away much of the fun of the huge selection of available quests, items, etc. All the same, the game as a whole is worthy of attention, especially for those who love adventure games!

Fans are impressed by the unique style and variety of quests offered by the game 

Fans around the world have been impressed with the unique style and variety offered by Sphinx & The Cursed Mummy. Even though some aspects are much less polished than in modern games, they still offer plenty of content that keeps the player interested throughout the game! Despite the flaws mentioned above, most people agree that the game has stood the test of time, offering explosive nostalgia to anyone lucky enough to glimpse the past while entertaining newcomers. As such, it provides the perfect mix of entertaining challenges for those looking for something a little different than the usual RPG/action genre!


  • Beautiful 3D graphics that capture the unique Egyptian atmosphere;
  • Unique and interesting gameplay with lots of puzzles and exploration;
  • The game has a great story that is told through voice acting, cutscenes, and conversations with characters;
  • The combat is satisfying and has just enough challenge;
  • A good variety of enemy types and bosses;
  • The soundtrack is fun and fits the Egyptian setting;


  • The game can be a bit short for some players;
  • The platforming can be frustrating at times;
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Author: Eurocom
Size: 2 GB available space

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