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Stone Age Wars

Stone Age Wars is a new game developed for iOS and Android devices that takes players back to the prehistoric era. It's a thrilling journey through time in which you battle rival tribes and explore the world of Neolithic man. You'll need strategy, cunning, and luck to survive in this dangerous land filled with giant animals, mysterious creatures, and other tribes vying for control of the land. This article takes an in-depth look at what makes Stone Age Wars such an interesting game.

Ancient battles come to life in Stone Age Wars

Stone Age Wars is intense battles in a prehistoric setting. You'll lead your tribe into battle against rival clans, using spears, axes, clubs, and more primitive weapons to fight for survival in the wilderness. The game has great visuals that accurately depict life in this period of history, with lush jungles and craggy mountains providing scenic views as you play. The game also has many strategic elements, such as planning troop movements or deciding what resources to gather from the environment to keep your tribe strong.

The battles in this game are intense and adrenaline-pumping, and you must plan your actions carefully before engaging your armies in combat with enemy forces. The game has interesting characters-you can choose from different tribes, such as Viking warriors or Mayan priests, depending on which faction you want to play as. There are also several types of resources available for building, such as wood, stone, gold, food, etc., which will help you expand your kingdom faster than ever before.

Unfortunately, the gameplay has some weaknesses - it can become repetitive after a long game due to the limited number of enemy types available. But overall, it's still interesting if you like strategy games set in ancient times.

Players appreciate the authentic prehistoric experience of Stone Age Wars 

In conclusion, Stone Age Wars gives players the opportunity to relive ancient battles between rival clans for control of resources in prehistoric times. With impressive visuals depicting jungle landscapes as well as various strategic elements such as troop movements or resource-gathering decisions, gamers will find it hard not to be captivated by this exciting time-travel adventure! Reviews are generally positive, with many users noting how immersive they felt during the game and others praising the accurate depiction of life in those primitive times. However, there were also complaints about the repetitiveness due to the lack of variety of enemies at the higher levels.


  • Fun and engaging gameplay;
  • Interesting storyline;
  • Unique art style;
  • Challenging levels;
  • Lots of different weapons and tools to choose from;


  • No online multiplayer;
  • Limited replay value;
  • AI can be a bit predictable at times;
Stone Age Wars Logo
Author: Permafrost Studio
Size: 75 MB available space

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